Imam Dhahabi* on Tyrants and Oppressors

The Sixteenth Major Sin The Leader who Misleads his Following, The Tyrant and Oppressor Allah Most High says: “The dispute [lit. ‘way against’] is only with those who oppress people and wrongfully commit aggression in the land: these will have a painful torment” (42:42) “Do not suppose that Allah is unmindful of what the unjust … Continue reading Imam Dhahabi* on Tyrants and Oppressors

The Caliphate in Durr al-Mukhtār*

Book of Prayer, Section on Imāmah It (the Imāmah) is either minor or major. The major (type) (i.e. the caliphate) is the right of general administration over the people. Its study is in ‘ilm al-kalām (scholastic theology) and establishing it is the most important of obligations**, hence they (the Sahabah) gave it priority over the … Continue reading The Caliphate in Durr al-Mukhtār*

Ibn Khaldun on the Defeated Mentality

“The vanquished always want to imitate the victor in his distinctive characteristics, his dress, his occupation, and all his other conditions and customs. The reason for this is that the soul always sees perfection in the person who is superior to it and to whom it is subservient. It considers him perfect, either because it … Continue reading Ibn Khaldun on the Defeated Mentality